Remembrances for Rupa Khoraja Pun

Volunteers from all over the world have visited Nangi to work on a variety of projects from tree planting to teaching English in the school. Volunteer doctors, nurses, medics, herbalists and therapeutic practitioners worked side by side with Rupa learning from each other. Those that worked in the health clinic knew Rupa’s capacity to make them feel like part of the health team no matter their specialty, but even those that worked on technical or income earning projects came to know her because she often came to help cook meals for the volunteers and stayed to talk about their projects and lives.

Volunteers share their memories:

Robin, a professor in England, came in 2002 to install the first wireless internet to Nangi Village and recalls Rupa: “I remember Rupa as a kind and committed friend who was an engaged member of the community of Nangi. I am glad to have met her and she will be missed.” – Robin (2002/3/5).

Deborah, a 2012 volunteer from the USA, and a Nepali resident: “Rupa is one of my favorite people- so thoughtful and open, generous and incredibly beautiful. She performed surgery on my finger and it healed quickly and fully. I also would have trusted her to be my midwife had I been in the village during that time. So many of us have been touched by her calm presence…no one is like her.”

And another comment from Janita, a longtime volunteer from the 1990s and Australian resident:                                                                                             “Rupa was so welcoming to us, and supportive of the kids when we were last there.”

Elsa, a 2012 volunteer from France, worked with the Women’s Craft Cooperative and came to know Rupa’s creative side. She asked to share this picture taken a few months ago which shows their love for each other and a poem:

“Rupa was my angel of Nangi since the very first time…In 2011, until now.
Now that she passed away, she is, even more, an angel…
She became also a mother, a very beautiful aama for me.
She is light and love, and her smile is a big loss for all of us.
She taught me so much, I will never forget her and what can I do now is to try to look like her.
Rest in Peace Rupa.
I love you

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