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Miss Lalkumari Pun.


I am Miss Lal Kumari Pun born in Nangi village in July 21, 1990.  I was a student of Himanchal Higher Secondary School. I started studying there from the beginning grade one. I passed school leaving certificate (S.L. C. – Grade 10) in 2005 and Grade 12 in 2008. Likewise I did my B. Ed. from Kalika Public College, Pokhara in 2012. Now I have currently joined Master Degree in Education in Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara. On the other hand, I am doing a teaching job at a private school named Gorkha English Boarding School in Pokhara.

I am very happy to get opportunity at Himanchal Higher Secondary School to flourish my capabilities. Because of good education of Himanchal Higher Secondary School, I am in this platform that a good student and a successful teacher. My aim was to be a teacher. That’s why, finally I became a teacher. Now, I am feeling very lucky to get education from Himanchal Higher Secondary School, Nangi.

I would like to thank to Himanchal Higher Secondary School family and Himanchal Education Foundation for the education.



Mr. LokBahadur Pun.

My name is Lok Bahadur Pun. I am 26 year old from Nangi Village. Presently I am working as ICT technician in INF (International Nepal Fellowship). INF is a Non-profitable Organization helps people affected by TB, leprosy, disability, HIV / AIDS and drug abuse since 1952 ( I completed my grade 12 from Himanchal Higher Secondary School, and I think the most valuable period of my life. I did my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Infomax College of IT and Management Learning centre of Sikkim Manipal University.

I spent my most loveliest and precious time in my Nangi when I was studying in Himanchal Higher Secondary School (HHSS). Although it is located at rural part of Myagdi district it has got everything that a modern school got in urban area. The teachers were also good and trained enough to provide good education. Every teacher that belong to HHSS has got skilled techniques to present their knowledge. Sometime, we also got the chance to get knowledge from foreign volunteers.

When I was doing my schooling at HHSS, I really got too many things that I was unaware, most important thing that I got, was the computer networking. Before, I did not know how internet works, and how the computer communicates with each other. My curiosity was being quenched with my schooling at HHSS, because I was getting knowledge about computer network, programming etc,. Because we had to look after the computer, maintain the computers, we got chance to make our knowledge good. Whatever I am today, it’s all credit goes to HHSS. If I did get chance to get education from HHSS then I think I was not servicing for my country. May be I was working as labor in some other countries as other Nepali people do. I really fortunate that I got chance to study in HHSS. We also got chance to get knowledge in extra work like wiring electricity cables. The rules of school were also a little bit different but appreciable. All students in class 9 to 12 had to stay in hostel of school. We did not have to pay any for hostel. The hostel were made of wood planks and roofed by bhakari (made of bamboo). There were tutoring classes at night too. HHSS plays a vital to my life. I am thankful to HHSS for tracking my life in right way.


Mr. Lukesh Pun


I am Lukesh Pun was born in July 03, 1986 in Nangi village. I am the second el son of Thaman Pun who is ex-Indian army. After retirement from Indian army, my father worked as village chari,am and school chairman I Nangi village. He encouraged get higher education in Nangi.

I studied at Himanchal Higher Secondary School from my childhood to 2005. I passed School Leaving Certificate Level in 2003 and Grade 12 in 2005 in first division. My major subject is accounting and management. I completed my study on Bachelor in Business Studies in 2008 and Master in Business Studies at Prithvi Narayan College, Pokhara in 2012.

I have been working at NGO (The Institute for Himalayan Conservation-Nepal) as an accountant.  I am very proud of to be a student of Himanchal Higher Secondary School because I became a success to achieve higher education in my life. If Himanchal Higher Secondary School wasn’t established in Nangi, it was far away to achieve my dream.

I am very thankful to all supporters of Himanchal Higher Secondary School through Himanchal Education Foundation because it made me a guy to serve in Nepal.





Mr. Toyaram Pariyar


My name is Toyaram Pariyar. I was born in Parbat district. 25 years ago my parents moved to Myagdi from Parbat district. I live in Kaphaldanda village. I am from poor family. I studied at Himanchal Higher Secondary School since grade 8 to 10. I got scholarship when I was in Himanchal School. I passed grade 10 in First division. I had thought that I would stop my further study because of poverty. Fortunately, Himanchal School provided me scholarship for my further study in Pokhara. Then I went to Pokhara and spent 5 years in Prithivi Narayan Campus.

After I finished my Bachelor degree, I went back to Himanchal High School because I thought that I had to do something for Himanchal. Therefore I have been teaching in Himanchal High School for five years. I am very happy to be in Himanchal and work as a teacher. I am giving my time whatever way I can. I want Hiamnchal’s bright future, and progress. Himanchal can provide good education for the poor people. I promise I will provide my time for Himanchal Higher Secondary School in future too.




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