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Mahabir Pun is visiting Maryland USA to attend the annual convention of Association of Nepalese in America (ANA) as a distinguised guest from July 4 to 6 2008. He will visit several other cities as well to start a campaign – “Donate $1 per month to help Build Broadband Information Highway Across Nepal“. He will also visit several cities in the US such as New York, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle etc.

A new Building Under – Construction: A four-room classroom building is now under construction. This project is partially funded by Ministry of Education (60%) . The villagers are trying to raise 40% of the expenses to build the classrooms. Because of the increasing number of students we are short of classrooms now.

Third Compsoting Toilet Built: We have built the third composting toilet now in the school. The toilet is for the use of the girl students living in the hostel.

Khopra Lodge Constructed: In May, 2008, the lodge construction work has been completed. There are 10 rooms in the lodge. The lodge has been built as a joint venture business with Peregrene Adventure, Austrlia, Paudwar High School and Himachal Higher Secondary School. The total cost to build the lodge was about US $40,000.


University of Nebraska, USA invited Mahabir Pun for winter commencement speech and awarded Honorary Degree, Doctor of Humane Letters in December 2007 for his outstanding work for his country, Nepal.

Cafteria Built in the School: We have built a cafteria and small store in the school. The purpose is to raise some funding for the school by selling food and supplies.

The Ramon Magsaysay Foundation of the Philipinnes awarded Mahabir Pun Ramon Magsaysay Award 2007 for Community Leadership (


February 2006: We organized a month long house wiring training in the school for 11th and 12th grade students in January. The training was also for the villagers, who were interested. 21 villagers from different villages took the training.

We started paper making and handi craft making training in February. There are eight women for handicraft making training and 14 women and two men for paper making training. The people, who are taking the paper making training, are from Salija and Okhareni village.


Construction of Composting Toilet in the school (December 2005)

Tammy Thompson from Canada came in last November with Tim to help build a composting toilet in the school. She stayed in the school for one month. The construction of the toilet is complete now and the students have started using it.

July 2005: News from Nangi (download pdf)

March 2005: Spirit of Enterprise Project (download pdf)


July 2004: Letter from Dr. Leonard Skov (download pdf)

July 2004: Nangi Newsletter (download pdf)

May 2004: Nangi Village Community Health Care (download pdf)

Global Ideas Bank — The £1,000 Overall Social Innovations Award for 2004 goes to Mahabir Pun

The Sydney Morning Herald – December 27, 2004 — Himalayan village joins wireless world
A place high in the clouds has some very down-to-earth achievements, writes Connie Levett.

BBC News, Tuesday, 25 May, 2004 – Wi-fi lifeline for Nepal’s farmers — Yak farmers in the mountains of Nepal are using wireless internet technology to keep in touch with their families.

Wi-Fi yak farmers liberated by Net – Tuesday 25th May 2004 — Yak farmers in Nepal are using wireless Internet access to keep in touch with their families, thanks to the successful completion of a seven-year international campaign.

Nepal better than Scottish highlands for broadband – Friday 28 May 2004, 12:01


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  • 1 Dr Lal-Shyãkarelu Rapacha // Feb 6, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    I also want to be involved with you in your race ahead.

    Dr Lal-Shyãkarelu Rapacha
    Post-Doc Research Fellow
    University of Leipzig

  • 2 Netra P. Paudyal // May 5, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    Mahabir jee, you are a true Nepalese Idol! Please go ahead in your mission. We will certainly follow and support you!

  • 3 narayan tilija pun // Dec 7, 2009 at 10:16 am

    Mr.Mahabir Sirm,

    You are on of a Great person, in further what ever you have progress job that Please continualy go a head without any inconvinenience we will be fllow and support you that what ever you want to do.

  • 4 manoj pun( paija ) // Jan 14, 2010 at 12:17 am

    namaskar mahabir g. Today all person are happy because u r a great person in our country. U have to do good n best work for nangi. I m so proud for u. U always success in your life n your work. Continue your work . Thanks

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