Joni Speaks:

Hemkumarie: “Joni is a former student in Nangi who was born and grew up in a simple farmer family of this peaceful and beautiful village. After completing her grade 12 education from Himanchal Higher Secondary School, she has been studying in B.Ed. 3rd year in Pokhara. Joni shares her story: “Many different incidents happen in the life of human beings, which are beyond our imagination and unbelievable. It is very difficult to express those  incidents in words. What the human beings look like from outside may not be inside. Or we can not express his experiences from his outlook. Different...

Both Bitter and Sweet Experiences of Life

The students at the Himachal School in Nangi have stories to tell. The science teacher, HemKumarie Pun, has collected four stories from former students who recently graduated from the school.  She has written an introduction to the students’ stories which will be published over the next four weeks. Special thanks to Hem for collecting the stories and to Ganga Pun for translating the stories into English. The stories were edited only for grammar and spelling. HemKumarie’s introduction: “Human life is the chain of happiness and sadness. When a child is born they received the love and affection as well as closeness...

Magar Women Film

FuFilm, a group of filmmakers and authors, is making a movie about Magar women. Magar is one of the indigenous, ethnic groups populating Nepal. The movie depicts the spirit of the women who support their remote communities with wisdom, strength, and courage. The raw footage was shot in 2013 in and around Nangi, Nepal. A teaser is available for viewing here.

Petition to Nepal Government to End the Digital Divide

Sudiksha Joshi, Ph.D. is a learning advocate who understands the difference that internet and access to information can have in changing lives. She supports the vision of Dr. Mahabir Pun that access to the internet can empower and change lives. She has started a petition asking the Nepal government to release funds from the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund for connecting rural areas of Nepal to the internet. You can read about the petition and decide if you want to sign by clicking here.

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