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Currently, Himanchal High School is a K – 12 school with about 350 students and 18 teachers. Four of Nangi’s neighboring villages have elementary schools and one has a middle school. After completing the schooling that is available in their villages, the students come to Himanchal High School for further study. Here students in Nangi study subjects such as English, Math, science, education, economics, social studies, accounting, business management, computers, Nepali and physical education.

The mission of the volunteer program is to encourage individuals from around the world to travel to Nepal to learn about the people, culture and environment of the region through voluntary service. This program aims to recruit volunteers who can share their skills in Nangi and neighboring villages with members of the local community in a way that helps them achieve their own goals, without creating unhealthy dependencies or undermining the values of the local culture.

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The Himanchal Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to promote and advance Mahabir Pun’s vision for extended educational opportunities in rural Nepal. With the support of local residents and international friends, HEF originally was founded to support growth of the Nangi school. HEF also supports economically sustainable business opportunities and a computer network in Nangi and surrounding villages. Our goal remains to improve the health and life situations for villagers in rural Nepal.

Latest News

Mahabir Pun honored with ‘Gandaki Ratna Award’

KATHMANDU, Feb 2022. The cabinet of the Gandaki Province Government elected to award Dr. Mahabir Pun, Chairperson of the National Innovation Center, with ‘Gandaki Ratna Award’ for his contribution to the development of science and technology in Nepal. The award is the largest and most important in the province. The award was presented to Dr. Pun during a special function on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the provincial government, said Kumar Khadka, Spokesperson of Gandaki Province government. Pun has contributed immensely for the expansion of wireless internet service in rural areas of the country. Source: National News Agency...

2021 Newsletter

It has been 18 months since the lockdown was imposed on March 24, 2020 in Nepal. Therefore, everything is moving very slowly as in the rest of the world. I would like to share some news and updates of the activities during this period in Nangi village and surroundings. Covid-19 and Nangi village: Nangi and surrounding villages were not affected much by Covid-19 because there were travel restriction for travel from one village to another. Most of the villagers worked on the farms and did not go outside the villages. Teaching during the pandemic: All the schools were closed in...

2020 Newsletter

I would like to share some updates of the activities from Nangi village, Nepal. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we have not been able to do as much as we wanted to do. Nearly all the schools in the cities and mountains of Nepal were closed by the government March 24, 2020. However, we opened the Himanchal High School from July 1 and started teaching because there were no Covid cases in the whole region. One teacher did get infected with Covid because he travelled out of town for some work but has totally recovered. Nangi received support from the...

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After getting his Master’s Degree in education from University of Nebraska, Mahabir Pun returned to his native village Nangi in Nepal, with a courageous and ambitious goal to set up a school that will serve as a model for local educational as well as economic development. Here is his story in his own words.

National Innovation Center (NIC) has been formally established in 2012 to find ways to keep innovative, talented and creative Nepalis in the country. In other words, NIC aims to retain, nurture and promote Nepal’s top human capital and leverage their considerable intellect, creativity, and talent in fostering the country’s social and economic growth.

With your help, 85°East is committed to making Nepal work for Nepalis. Our summer internship program is just one small piece of a large, economically sustainable effort by National Innovation Center Nepal to bring professional expertise, research opportunities, and economic investment into the country.

Nepal Wireless Networking Project is a not-for-profit making initiative running in the remote rural areas of Nepal. It was started in 2002 to bring communication services in some vilages of Myagdi district and to find ways to bridge digital divide between urban and rural areas of Nepal.