Hello Friends,

Now it is time to think more about how to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.
Our foundation’s main focus at this moment is to support the schools and orphaned students of the affected areas. There are many schools damaged badly or destroyed completely by the earthquake and many students have become orphan. Therefore we are going to help rebuild the damaged schools, libraries, computer labs and help the schools connected to the Internet. We will also support financially to the students, who have lost their parents so that they can continue their education. All donations during this time will go to the earthquake recovery effort.

You can contribute your donation online through our website using a credit card or PayPal. Himanchal Education Foundation is a 501(c3) organization that I had started in the US in 2000 with the help of my professors at Univ. of Nebraska at Kearney and friends. It is raising funds to support schools and my activities since then.

If you have any specific affected school that you want to support, please earmark your support for the school. There is no overhead expense for running the relief work. All the work is done by volunteers including myself and the Board of Directors for HEF.

Those of you, who can’t send your support online or who are in Nepal, you can send your contribution in cash to Nepal Connection. Please call me at +977-9841592361 or email me at mahabir@himanchal.org. Thank you.very much for your support.

Mahabir Pun, Nepal

Financial Contribution

You can donate online via Kearney Area Community Foundation, which provides receipting and accounting for the Himanchal Education Foundation. Please click on the button below, which will take you to the Kearney Area Community Foundation donation web site. Himanchal Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization in the U.S. (EIN # 47-0827392), which makes your donations fully tax deductible. Donations are made through PayPal

Alternately, you may directly mail your contribution to:
Himanchal Educational Foundation
c/o Kearney Area Community Foundation
412 W 48th, # 12
Kearney, Ne 68845

If donations are sent directly to Nepal, the Himanchal Educational Foundation cannot provide a receipt. So, if a United States donor is seeking a tax deduction, the contribution must come through Himanchal Educational Foundation in Kearney, or online via Kearney Area Community Foundation.