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The Nangi Village volunteer program provides an opportunity for international visitors to offer their skills to promote sustainable development in Nangi while learning about village life in the mid-western hills of Nepal.


The mission of the volunteer program is to encourage individuals from around the world to travel to Nepal to learn about the people, culture and environment of the region through voluntary service. This program aims to recruit volunteers who can share their skills in Nangi and neighboring villages with members of the local community in a way that helps them achieve their own goals, without creating unhealthy dependencies or undermining the values of the local culture.

Volunteers can teach in the public school, work in the local nursery, provide assistance to income raising projects, assist in the medical clinic, implement projects to improve environmental conservation, or conduct other activities that are appropriate to a volunteer’s skills and the needs of the community.

Program Objectives

  • Provide a first hand experience of Nepalese village life to volunteers.
  • Facilitate an opportunity for volunteers to teach students ages 5 through 18 in a public high school in Nangi or a neighboring village.
  • Allow volunteers to share skills that might help villagers to launch income-raising projects.
  • Enable volunteers to carry out community service in areas such as public health, sanitation and hygiene, environmental conservation, or other sustainable projects.
  • Encourage volunteers to learn about the culture of Nepal and share experiences from their own culture.


Potential volunteers must be at least 21 years of age and/or completed two years of university or college level studies as the minimum requirement to be eligible for the program. No teaching certificate is necessary to teach in the school. It is expected that volunteers will demonstrate a sincere commitment to sharing their skills with the community in Nangi or surrounding villages, while also maintaining genuine respect for the people and culture of the region. Apply Here