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Nangi provides food and housing and for volunteers.

Volunteers will stay in one of the two round houses built by the school. These houses have single bedrooms, a kitchen, a western-style bathroom, and a common room.

Round Houses
Common Room

Participants must cook by themselves. The school and the villagers will provide locally grown food such as potatoes, lentils, eggs, flour, and rice. Fruits, vegetables and mushrooms will be available depending on the time of the year. The school will also provide powdered milk, sugar, tea, coffee, noodles and spices. If a participant wishes to stay with a family, he or she must pay $10 a month to help the family buy supplies.


Nangi and many of the surrounding villages have electricity. Conveniences such as a hot shower facility, computers, and Internet/email access are now available from Nangi, but not surrounding villages. Shops in Nangi carry items like soap, shampoo, pens, paper, candy, chocolate, crackers, soda, and other small goods. The library has several hundred novels and non-fiction books to choose from for reading in your spare time. Letters can be sent and received from Nangi but transit time is usually about one month.