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Volunteers must arrange their own travel to and from Nangi, but former volunteers can offer a number of tips on what to bring and to prepare for the experience.

We do not offer educational credits for volunteering with HEF, however universities and colleges may offer credits to students through their academic programs. Contact your institutions for eligibility requirements.

Non-Credit Program

The non-credit program is designed to offer opportunities for those people from different walks of life from academics to skilled labor.

Contact Dr. Ron Konecny at: with any questions regarding the application. Complete the form and submit it by email with a CV to Dr. Ron Konecny.

Your application will be reviewed within 30 days and you will be notified if you are accepted. Accepted applicants must mail a signed copy of the form and the appropriate application fees (see Volunteer Cost & Travel Tips page for details of fees).

The primary purpose of the application process is to help select volunteers whose skills and experiences will be helpful in the village and whose goals for their time in Nepal can be met through the activities available. All participants must pay a fee of $100 when submitting the signed hard copy of the application form to defray administrative costs. Space in the volunteer housing in Nangi will be reserved for all applicants once the signed application is received by Dr. Konecny and the application fee is paid. Use the PayPal button below to submit the application fee.