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One-Dollar-A-Month = Information Highway in Rural Nepal

The wireless network project started as an experiment in 2002, essentially using basic home networking equipment to see if Internet connection can be brought to Nangi from Pokhara (the nearest city with an Internet Service Provider). After repeated trial and error, the trick worked, and today in 2008, there are 22 villages villages in three districts of Nepal that are connected via the wireless network.

It takes 8 days to walk through these villages, and now information and news gets shared in seconds. A total population of 22,000, and 7 High Schools with about 1,700 students now have access to news, goods for sale in the surrounding villages, telephone calls using VoIP, basic health care using telemedicine, and better access to education via tele-teaching.

However, there are hundreds of other villages out there that need to be connected. And as need for services grow within the connected villages, it requires better infrastructure, scalable equipment, and more support and maintenance. We believe this will be the foundation for an information highway that will connect all of rural Nepal, and with your help, we can realize this goal sooner than ever.

The One-Dollar-a-Month campaign asks you to donate one dollar each month to build this Information Highway. Show the unity of Nepalis and well-wishers of Nepal by donating $1/month to help build Information Highway using wireless technology in the mountains of Nepal.

Please don’t forget to designate your contribution as ” For One Dollar A Month Campaign”. That way we will be able to know that your contribution is for the campaign. We will send you thank you note by e-mail.

Here is how:

You can donate online to Himanchal Education Foundation via the Kearney Area Community Foundation, a partner nonprofit organization that enables online donations. Please click on the button below, which will take you to KACF’s web site. While making your donation, please specify that your contribution is for “One-Dollar-a-Month” campaign. The easiest way to annually donate $12 on your birthday.

Financial Contribution

You can donate online via Kearney Area Community Foundation, which provides receipting and accounting for the Himanchal Education Foundation. Please click on the button below, which will take you to the Kearney Area Community Foundation donation web site. Himanchal Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization in the U.S. (EIN # 47-0827392), which makes your donations fully tax deductible.