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Here you can meet the teaching and support staff of Himanchal Higher Secondary School. The school is divided into segments which include: Grades 1-5 Primary; Grades 6-8 Lower Secondary Level; Grades 9-12 Higher Secondary Level. School is in session six days a week from 10 am Sunday to 12 noon on Friday. Most of the teachers and staff live in Nangi but a few must walk several hours home to distant villages during their breaks. You may leave comments for specific teachers and we will forward the message to the teacher.

Raman Pun, Principle
Himanchal Higher Secondary School

Raman Pun, Principle of Himanchal Higher Secondary School, Nangi, Nepal October 2012.Raman Pun is the school Principle and lives in Nangi with his wife and two children. He earned his degree in Commerce and Education from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal and has been teaching since 1998. He teaches Grades 9 & 10 Accounting and Grades 11 & 12 Business Study and Marketing. His administrative duties as Principle include assuring curriculum exceeds Nepal standards, managing the school within the budget, hiring teachers, discipline of students and teachers, and the many challenges faced by school principles across the globe.

Raman told me he has many wishes for his students, one is to “earn good income from education”. He is concerned about the small number of female students able to study at the college level. The social standards in Nepal do not favor women traveling alone or living in dormitories unless they are with family. Most can not afford college tuition in the cities. He especially wants to advance the school to a Bachelors Level Program which is a 3 year degree program. He would like to offer degrees in Computer Science and Education which would allow female students to live locally and advance their educations. Raman would like to hear from other educators about the challenges you face as teachers and administrators.

Chitra Bahadur Pun,
Dental Hygienist and teacher.

Chitra Bahadur Purja is from Nangi Village. He grew up in Nangi and was a student in the school when he was chosen by Mahabir Pun and the village chairman to study Dental Hygiene at Kathmandu Model Hospital School of Oral Health. He began working as a dental hygienist and teacher in 2009 after completing his studies in Kathmandu. He runs the Dental Clinic in Nangi, providing basic services which include cleaning, tooth extraction, treatment of infections and preventive hygiene. His time is dividied between the dental clinic and teaching Nepali language and Science to grade 4 and Sports to grade 8.

When asked what goals he has for his students he responded, “Be a good student. I want my students to practice oral hygiene.” Chitra would like to hear from other oral hygienist and teachers around the world who have similar skills and interests.

Toyaram Bariyar teaches
sports, accounting, and economics

Toyaram Bariyar is from Kaphaldanda Village which is a four hour walk from Nangi. He studied Commerce at Prithivi Narayan Multiple Campus in Pokhara which is an affiliated campus of Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. He teaches Sports to grade 6 through 8, Accounting and Economics to grade 9. Toya, as he is fondly known, shares the lower level living space of the volunteer house with other teachers who live far away. He can often be found shooting hoops with students, telling funny stories and sharing dinner with volunteers.

When asked what goals he has for his students he responded, “They become a good person in society, then they help society. They could become independent.” Toya would like to hear from other sport coaches and instructors about their programs around the world.