We just want to update you on the new trekking routes in and around Nangi, Nepal.

Work on the lodges continues and by the Fall trekking season we should be open and ready for business. Check out the progress we are making. Let’s start our virtual trek in Nangi.

Cloudless day in Nangi.
Interior Nangi Lodge
As you can see, the interior still needs some work.

                                                                                                                               So let’s walk up to Mohare and see what is happening at that site.  The climb from Nangi to Mohare intially goes past many incredible, old shrines topping a small ridge close to the village.  As you walk through the Enchanted Forest’s tall and lust rhododendrons,  you feel magically transported to another world.  After about two hours you get to the ridge walk, where you can see the Pokhara area on one side  and the Kali Ghandaki valley on the other.

Mohare Inside
Mohare Interior

And a few additional pictures from other lodges along the route for your enjoyment.


Hamphal Danda
The begining stages.....a long road.


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