Nangi, Nepal: September 7, 2011: Author: Chitra Pun

The Dhaulagiri Technical School in Lete is spending three months in Nangi training 20 unskilled workers to be the new chefs in lodges along the Parbat/Khopra trails.  There are two chefs Mr. Khadka Subba and Mr. Prasanta Gauchan and Mr. Amar G.C. is an English teacher.

The credit for this training goes to Mr Raman Pun, Headteacher at the Himanchal Secondary School, because he
successfully brought it to Nangi village. We were very stressed because we had to conduct a training before this fall season but we are happy that we could do it in time.

Dhaulagiri Technical School (DTS) is conducted under Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training of Nepal Government. Financial support for this training is by Asian Development Bank (ADB) through Skill for Employment Project (SEP).

Students will be taught to make local dishes from local food, along with continental dishes; their training includes theory and practical training. The students will take their new skills back to their home villages: two from Banskharka and Dandakateri, four from Nangi, one each from Dandkharka, Tikot, Khibang, Dhankharka, Khopra Danda, Pauduwar, Ramche, and five from Kaphaldanda village.


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