Have you seen the newer videos about Nangi village projects on YouTube? If not click on over and take a look. Former volunteer Michael, a photographer and videographer, created shorts on papermaking, yak breeding and the new school library.

Paper making video:

Yak breeding video:

Nangi library video:

Janita, from Australia, just returned from Nangi with her husband and two children. A longtime supporter of Mahabir and HEF she created a book about Mahabir Pun’s earlier years as he set about creating the school in Nangi and followed his passion to connect remote Nepali villages to the world via a wireless Internet system. It is available for purchase as an eBook for Apple users or in hard copy.

Now click on over to our Facebook page and see what is going on with the Annapurna-Dhaulagiri Community Trail project.

This spring three families volunteered in Nangi. More to come about their projects and adventures next month.

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