Mr. Mahabir Pun at work at his home in Pokhara.

Have you ever spent sleepless nights wondering if your loved one was safe while trekking in a remote region of the world? Families can thank the famed Magsaysay Award winner from Nepal, Dr. Mahabir Pun, for his innovative technology which offers trekkers and their families peace of mind.

Mahabir Pun has developed a tracking device called E-tag (Entity Tag) and known as a Tourist Tracking System (TTS). The device is being tested in the Ghandruk-Ghodepani area of the Annapurna foot trail in Nepal. Funded by the Asia-Pacific Tele Community in Bangkok, Thailand the tags are designed to locate lost trekkers. Mahabir was voted as the Person of the Year in Science and Technology field  just this month for his role in the development. The poll was conducted by Kantipur Nepali Edition, a national Daily Newspaper and the full article can be read here and here.


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