Earthquake Funding 

More than 10,000 school buildings were fully or partially damaged by the earthquake. Dr. Mahabir Pun visited damaged schools in three districts to discuss HEF assistance in rebuilding, HEF’s present monetary commitment is for rebuilding one school. He has selected a middle school in Pokhari in the Gorakha district (see photos). Online donations have been received from Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, Korea, USA and China for rebuilding. The community leaders will submit plans to the government, build and manage the four-room school. With the implementation of new government building regulations for schools; a new school will cost nearly $30,000 USD. Below is Pokhari Village after the earthquake.

Temporatry shelters after earthquake

As a result of political turmoil in Nepal over a new constitution, there has been a trade blockade since September 20th. No supplies such as fuel, medicine, or food are being delivered across the borders. Schools, businesses and industries have closed and few vehicles are running. All reconstruction work has been postponed and rebuilding the school cannot begin until the blockade is lifted. Read how it affects Nepal here.

Dormitory Construction Completed

Boys and girls in grade 10, 11 and 12 were staying in small two-bed huts at the school in Nangi. As funds were available over the past 3 years, a new boys dormitory with 16 rooms was constructed. Three boys live in each room with two male supervising teachers residing there also. Renovation has begun in the old library and clinic building to make a 12-room girl’s dormitory with $4,000 donated by the John and Lois McNeill family. The building will be dedicated to late John McNeill who was a great mentor and supporter of Himanchal Education Foundation. Below is the boy’s dormatory.

Temporary classroomsl in Pokhari

Orphan Scholarship

Friends from Omaha and Texas donated $1,200 to provide a full scholarship for one student orphaned by the earthquake. Mahabir has received applications from the relatives of 8 students from different villages. He will select one student who has lost both parents in the earthquake after he visits the families.


As 2015 draws to a close we are thankful for all contributions you have made to HEF. Our priorities continue to be to promote economic development, educational initiatives and the health and well-being of the residents of the Nangi area. The earthquake and economic conditions in Nepal are a challenge but we look forward to a productive future with the resources we have been given.

Our best to you in 2016!

HEF Board of Directors

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