The students at the Himachal School in Nangi have stories to tell. The science teacher, HemKumarie Pun, has collected four stories from former students who recently graduated from the school.  She has written an introduction to the students’ stories which will be published over the next four weeks. Special thanks to Hem for collecting the stories and to Ganga Pun for translating the stories into English. The stories were edited only for grammar and spelling.

HemKumarie’s introduction: “Human life is the chain of happiness and sadness. When a child is born they received the love and affection as well as closeness to their parents. The child continued growing with the help of parents that they care and rear the children. Childhood is so delightful that there is no limitation of cheerfulness. Under the sky, the children play joyfully. They plunge into the imagination. Slowly they mature, get a school education and adjust in the situations of wide society. Now they become a complete human being. But further steps are not easy. They collect different experiences and move forward struggling with many difficulties. The events in life make them sometimes sad and sometimes happy and sometimes they are surprised.

Based on the above-mentioned matters, I requested my former ­students who completed 12 grade from this school to share their experiences. They have shared the events in their life on the basis of their experiences. I would like to mention their experiences are their identification.”

Join us next week for the first story from Joni, who grew up in Nangi and is now studying in Pokhara. What story will little Rita have to tell when she is older?

Rita, student in Nangi.
Rita, a student in Nangi.

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