Here is the number of trekkers from September to December 2016 as reported by Chitra Pun, Field Advisor.
565 trekkers from the USA, UK, German, Canada, Australia, Austria, India, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Holland, Finland, and Korea participated in varied treks offered by the Nepal Community Trek.
The treks take visitors off the beaten tracks of overcrowded tourist and mountaineering trails and into the heart of the Nepali people. Visit rural villages, gaze on the Annapurna mountain range and experience home cottage industries such as papermaking first hand. Experience a home stay or snuggle up in a cozy mountain lodge. Enjoy local, healthy food and meet people from all over the world. All profits benefit the local communities.
If you want a unique and cultural experience when visiting Nepal, visit the web page and contact Chitra Pun.

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