The women started producing paper again this January. So far they have produced 1,454 sheets of 20 grm paper and 91 sheets of 40 gm colored paper.  97 kg of lokta bark has been harvested from Nangi and 194 kg lokta has been harvested from Ramche village in February. We purchased lokta @ Rs.50 per kg. The weather is good and sunny for lokta paper making, so the women are doing a great job.

Chitra Pun

You can help us sell paper products in the US and Canada.  The Himanchal Educational Foundation has a supply of handmade paper writing journals (70 pages/book) for sale.  For a picture, see the earlier post on paper making.

Our homemade Nepali Paper Writing Journals are easy to market.  90% of the times that I have visited businesses in the Northwest, the buyers are happy to purchase our journals @ $10.00/each and sell them at whatever price they want.  We supply bookstores, stationary shops, or small gift shops with everything that they need: information on our Paper Making Project and the Himanchal Educational Foundation, and information on fair trade.

I will send you a demo journal.  Armed with our information, most shop owners are genuinely happy to support a remote village in Nepal where no middle man is involved (taking a portion of the profits).  All you have to do is email to discuss your participation.  Thanks so much.

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