The Blood Drinking Festival was conducted for five days from 02-06 March 2009; there were 205 people involved. All these people are from around the villages of Nangi, Paudwar, Ramche, Shikha , Narchyang, and Pulachour.  During the festival, 11 yak was killed and sold for meat. Blood was sold @ Rs. 60 per cup. A minimum of 12 to maximum of  21 cups of blood were taken from each yak. Blood is drunk as a medicine for intestinal problems and to get energy. Another festival will be conducted at Khopra Hill in mid-July. The total profit was Rs.141,000, which was alloted Rs. 70,500- for each school of Nangi and Paudwar .

Another aspect of the Yak Fundraising Program is the development of yak herds at Mohare Danda. Two male yaks were taken to Danda for the cross breeding project. It took a couple days from Paudwar to Mohare Danda. The villagers and members of committee of Nangi village did hard job to bring yak.

Chitra Pun, Program Officer

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