It is always a great day to be headed back and visit my bighearted and spirited HEF friends in Nepal. I look forward to long talks around the fire and sharing cups of tea as we discuss present and future projects for HEF.

The purpose of this visit is multi-faceted. The first few weeks will be in Kathmandu. I am bringing a team of Pediatricians to Kathmandu Model Hospital where we will give a course in infant and child resuscitation. Kathmandu Model Hospital has been using Telemedicine wireless communication with their remote outlying hospitals and clinics with the help of Mahabir Pun

Than Mr. Chitra Pun, dental student, and Mr. Chitra Pun, Field Project Officer and I will organize the dental clinic. We will research the purchase of dental equipment for the clinic and oversee the renovations. The dental Clinic is scheduled to open in late spring 2009.

After completing an infant and child resuscitation course in Nangi for local healthcare workers, given by myself and Rupa Pun, I will go to other villages on the wireless system to evaluate the medical clinics. Working with the healthcare worker I will help them develop a plan for clinic improvements and plan their continuing medical education needs.

It won’t be all work as I know I will have plenty of fun time playing with Mahabir’s and Ommaya’s daughters in Pokhara, Frisbee competitions in Nangi and a whole lot of trekking around the Annapurna region!


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