Name of Project: Cross Breeding Project
Chitra Pun, Nangi Project Officer
Project place: Mohare Danda (First rely station of wireless network)
Destination: One day from Nangi
This project was started in 2004.The altitude, where the project is running , 3200 metre high.Project place is quite lonely among the dense forest. One guy is working in that project to take care of all the animals. Himanchal Higher Secondary is bearing his monthly salary.We can see nice veiw,the Sun rise and the Sun set from there. Himanchal Higher Secondary School has invested to conduct the project.
The main purpose of the project is income generating for the support of Himanchal Higher Secondary School. We can sell cross breeded male animals or they can be trained to carry a load for the school purpose. And cross breeded female animals are used to milk to make a cheese. We can conduct cheese factory in future. Actually Cross Breeding Project is long term project. It may take up to 10 years to get benefit because it has long process to complete it.
We have 8 local cows, 10 cross breeded babies (4 female and 6 male) and one yak until last month. We are planning to add more local cows within three months.
Local cows (Female) and Yak (male)
Female is called Urang and male is called Dimju (Name of cross breeded babies in Nepalese)
Urang is used to milk to make a cheese.
Dimju is used to carry a load after trained.


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