The work of Himanchal Educational Foundation (HEF) continues to support the original mission (to provide financial support to the development and operation of Himanchal Higher Secondary School).  The changing conditions (simply put–continued increased costs in the operation of the school and the declined US dollar) have kept us at work with our fund raising.  A major blessing to that challenge has been the expansion of the Board of Directors to bring new skills and energy to the management of the foundation.  With help from volunteers from both coasts, we are about ready to streamline our communications with our supporters about the evolving mission and the resultant need for additional resources.

The volunteer program continues to be a major factor in our work in the village.  We have also “evolved” into an operational philosophy that directs more energy into the teaching mission.  We have learned that, while a volunteer completes tasks that help the village or school or economic development or other goals, we can develop capacity and consistency if we focus more volunteer energy to teaching  the villagers how to do those tasks and less volunteer energy on direct delivery of services.  It is a wonderful example of “If you give me a fish, I will eat today–If you teach me how to fish, I will eat every day”.

As Mahabir’s vision for a college in the Nangi region develops, we can see some very exciting involvement with the teaching mission of volunteers with college experience and skills.

We are also helping, as a conduit for financial support, the Wireless Network project that Mahabir is starting.

We are excited about our evolving mission and we cherish your support–financial, encouragement, and ideas.

Leonard Skov
Chairman, Himanchal Educational Foundation

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