Message from Mahabir Pun, Nepal

Dear all supporters, Our organization is raising funds to help the victims of the earth quake in Nepal. Right now there are many individuals and organizations from around the world coming to help the victims. It is good that they are providing immediate support. However, the communities and people need long term support as well.  Our goal is to help rebuild school, libraries, computer labs that are badly or completely damaged. We are also going to provide support to the students, who lost their parents in the affected areas. Please donate online buy clicking the “Donate” button at Thank...

Nepal Wireless Project Update

By connecting Nangi village in 2002 to the Internet and slowly expanding the wireless network to neighboring villages step by step, now it has been expanded to more than 150 villages in 13 districts of Nepal. Until now HEF has received more than $30,000 through Donate One Dollar a Month Campaign to support the wireless project. Mahabir uses the contribution coming through HEF for the expansion of the wireless network. Currently Nepal Wireless project is providing different services to the people in the rural areas such as e-education, e-medicine, communication, local e-commerce, hotel booking system, credit card transaction system for...

Cross Breeding Project

The villagers and school in Nangi are working hard to establish a Cheese Production Factory and the first step is to build a herd of cross-bred Jhopas. As many of you may already know, at Khopra Lodge Mahabir has established a Yak Farm.  These yaks are primarily  for meat, milk and wool. They also work as pack animals in the higher elevation above snowline.   But the males serve another function which is to mate with a local female cow to produce a cross breed offspring called a Jhopa.  Because one of the parents is a Yak, it allows the cross...


This fall TAAN, the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal, launched three new treks – one of which will benefit the schools in and around Nangi village. Mahabir Pun has always had the vision of a trekking route close to home.  This dream became a reality when the Borderlands Resort’s Director Megh Ale agreed to team with the Himanchal Educational Foundation to create this new route.  Coordinated by Nature-Treks, these community eco-lodge treks emphasize communities, conservation, and environmentally sustainable travel.  Trekkers will travel for seven days to six villages (see Trek #1 on google map), whose elevations range from 2,700 feet...

HEF e-Newsletter: Chairman’s Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Happy New Year! Attached is our latest e-Newsletter. This will provide you an update of all the current accomplishments and status on our project activities.

HEF Board would like to THANK each person receiving this e-Newsletter for supporting us. HEF continues to achieve recognized status as a major support base for many project activities helping the people living in rural communities of Nepal. Your support is very important and makes a major difference in lives of people living in Nepal.

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Happy New Year – January 2009 Newsletter

The work of Himanchal Educational Foundation (HEF) continues to support the original mission (to provide financial support to the development and operation of Himanchal Higher Secondary School).  The changing conditions (simply put–continued increased costs in the operation of the school and the declined US dollar) have kept us at work with our fund raising.  A major blessing to that challenge has been the expansion of the Board of Directors to bring new skills and energy to the management of the foundation.  With help from volunteers from both coasts, we are about ready to streamline our communications with our supporters about...

May 2008 Newsletter from Dr. Leonard Skov

Greetings from Himanchal Educational Foundation It is time for a renewal of the quarterly messages to you who have been the stalwart anchors of the financing of the work in Nangi and, more recently, a growing portion of Nepal. We will focus on two issues. The combination of devaluation of the dollar and increasing inflation in Nepal has resulted in the costs to support the teachers’ salaries in Nangi Higher Secondary School now require a 50% increase in the revenues directed to that purpose. Specifically, we have been supporting the teachers at a rate of about $2050 per month. The...