Making Surgical Care Available to the Remote Rural Areas of Nepal by Dave Carlson. Providing healthcare to the remote areas of Nepal has always been a challenge from the public health and clinical perspectives. Populated urban areas have historically benefited in quality and services over populations residing in hill and mountain areas. While sparsely populated, over half of Nepal consists of hill and mountain communities. Now as never before, technological innovation is making it possible to seriously address the health needs of millions of Nepalese people long marginalized. Increasingly tele-medicine is reaching out to remote small clinics and in doing...

Free Windows 8 Background Theme

HEF – Windows 8 background Theme Click on the image to download the free Windows 8 background theme. The theme is stored in a ZIP file.  You will see a download option to open or save. Choose OPEN. Then double click on the only file in the folder. The desktop theme will automatically install on Windows 8