Nangi – the new trekking spot!

The new Nangi Trekking Lodge is almost done – just in time for the spring tourist season.  All of the villagers have been working diligently to get this completed. And a big thank you to Chitra Pun for all the work he has done with the trekking program in general.   At present Chitra is learning how to become a trekking guide. As you can see this program is being presented to many interested in making the new Nangi Treks the best possible!


 WOW – we are all so excited about the new treks!  Above is a picture of the almost completed Nangi Trekking Lodge which includes such wonderful amenities as a hot shower, hill-top southern exposure, a museum, and just a few minutes up the trail incredible historic worship sites.  If you have time, a quick trip to the enchanted forest will surprise and delight!  Also, we are pleased that Chitra Pun, who has taken a huge role in assuring that lodges get build & managers get trained, is presently taking a 140 hour class on trekking.   Thanks Chitra for all that...