US Ambassador to Nepal Honors Mahabir Pun

Courtesey of American Ambassador to Nepal Nancy J Powell honoring Mahabir Pun, the recipient of the prestigious Ramon Magasaysay Award, in a programme felicitating 26 social leaders for their special contribution in the field of social development in Nepal, organised by Antenna Foundation in Kathmandu, Wednesday, Jul 02 09.

Himanchal School as seen by Andris Bjornson

Andris Bjornson is a professional photographer who visited Nangi and surrounding areas in Nov-Dec 2008. He took some great shots of the area, and has kindly permitted us to republish here. Check out the mindblowing pictures on our Facebook album (and share yours if you have some good ones from your trips to Nangi!)  Don’t forget to visit Andris’s site for more pictures and commentary –

Robin Shields, Former Volunteer, is Walking Across Nepal

Robin Shields is one of the earliest volunteers to visit Nangi (we need to get your profile page up Robin 🙂 .. and now, this fall, he will walk all the way across Nepal, east to west, all 900-odd kilometers through the mountains and the valleys on foot. Here is a link where you can find more information, and send Robin encouragement and also tips on some of the routes where he doesn’t have much information.

Dr Debra Stoner in Nepal March 2009

Namaskar from Dolakha (east of Kathmandu) and Happy St. Patrick’s Day….what a crazy combination! Despite it being the day of the green leprechauns there’s ‘nar a bit of green in these hills as the last of the arid season pelts us with dry, blowing winds. The land is parched and a far cry from the green flowing terraced fields of my last fall visit. But I am getting ahead of myself…… The team of Pediatricians from Geisinger Medical Center spent the first week at Kathmandu Model Hospital teaching Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Neonatal Advanced Life Support to the nursing...

Paper Making Project — We need your help

The women started producing paper again this January. So far they have produced 1,454 sheets of 20 grm paper and 91 sheets of 40 gm colored paper.  97 kg of lokta bark has been harvested from Nangi and 194 kg lokta has been harvested from Ramche village in February. We purchased lokta @ Rs.50 per kg. The weather is good and sunny for lokta paper making, so the women are doing a great job. Chitra Pun You can help us sell paper products in the US and Canada.  The Himanchal Educational Foundation has a supply of handmade paper writing journals...

Blood Drinking Festival – a fundraiser for local schools

The Blood Drinking Festival was conducted for five days from 02-06 March 2009; there were 205 people involved. All these people are from around the villages of Nangi, Paudwar, Ramche, Shikha , Narchyang, and Pulachour.  During the festival, 11 yak was killed and sold for meat. Blood was sold @ Rs. 60 per cup. A minimum of 12 to maximum of  21 cups of blood were taken from each yak. Blood is drunk as a medicine for intestinal problems and to get energy. Another festival will be conducted at Khopra Hill in mid-July. The total profit was Rs.141,000, which was...

Dr Debra Stoner in Nepal March 2009

It is always a great day to be headed back and visit my bighearted and spirited HEF friends in Nepal. I look forward to long talks around the fire and sharing cups of tea as we discuss present and future projects for HEF. The purpose of this visit is multi-faceted. The first few weeks will be in Kathmandu. I am bringing a team of Pediatricians to Kathmandu Model Hospital where we will give a course in infant and child resuscitation. Kathmandu Model Hospital has been using Telemedicine wireless communication with their remote outlying hospitals and clinics with the help of...

Cross Breeding Project

Name of Project: Cross Breeding Project Chitra Pun, Nangi Project Officer   Project place: Mohare Danda (First rely station of wireless network) Destination: One day from Nangi   This project was started in 2004.The altitude, where the project is running , 3200 metre high.Project place is quite lonely among the dense forest. One guy is working in that project to take care of all the animals. Himanchal Higher Secondary is bearing his monthly salary.We can see nice veiw,the Sun rise and the Sun set from there. Himanchal Higher Secondary School has invested to conduct the project.   The main purpose of...

Happy New Year – January 2009 Newsletter

The work of Himanchal Educational Foundation (HEF) continues to support the original mission (to provide financial support to the development and operation of Himanchal Higher Secondary School).  The changing conditions (simply put–continued increased costs in the operation of the school and the declined US dollar) have kept us at work with our fund raising.  A major blessing to that challenge has been the expansion of the Board of Directors to bring new skills and energy to the management of the foundation.  With help from volunteers from both coasts, we are about ready to streamline our communications with our supporters about...

Himanchal on Facebook

To spread the word out further, we are now on Facebook – . If you are on facebook, please become a fan of this organization and pass the link to your friends. Bonus materials on facebook: recent photographs from our volunteers!