Nangi Lodge

 WOW – we are all so excited about the new treks!  Above is a picture of the almost completed Nangi Trekking Lodge which includes such wonderful amenities as a hot shower, hill-top southern exposure, a museum, and just a few minutes up the trail incredible historic worship sites.  If you have time, a quick trip to the enchanted forest will surprise and delight! 

Also, we are pleased that Chitra Pun, who has taken a huge role in assuring that lodges get build & managers get trained, is presently taking a 140 hour class on trekking.   Thanks Chitra for all that you do to assure that our trekking routes as as good as they can be.

Many of the trekking lodges were build with support from the villagers, community, schools, and external funding.   We also were pleased when a US donor stepped forward to provide the funding for finishing the  inside of the Nangi Lodge – pillows, beds, bathrooms, etc.  Thanks to all who have made this project successful. If you want to help, we will need the interior of Mohare Lodge furnished & up front money to purchase staples.

Below is a picture of the newly completed Mohare Lodge.  Hope you can join us!

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