Cross Breeding Project Update!

It took two days for Chitra Pun and his fellow herdsmen to bring the newly purchased local cows and their babies to Mohare from Narchang – that is an elevation gain of over 5,000 feet from the KaliGhandaki River to Mohare Ridge. 

Cows Trekking to Mohare
Since our last post, it was decided by Nangi villagers and the school to purchase 30 cows and their babies for the Cross Breeding Project, instead of the original 15. 
We are so pleased that a generous donor has sent the Himanchal Educational Foundation money for purchase of 1/2 of  these cows — a huge thank you for your support! 
You too can sponsor one or more of the remaining 14′ unsponsored’ cows by going to HEF site and click on the “Donate Now” button-and make sure you designate your donation for  “Cross Breeding Project” as the project where you want your funds to go.
Cross Bred Animals with a Yak

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