Articles Worth Reading

David Citrin, PhD, MPH wrote a well constructed article about disaster relief in Nepal for Humanosphere. Read it here. Melody Schreiber, a program manager at International Reporting Project, wrote about the earthquake effects on the Nepal health system. Read it here.

More Small Donations…

In lieu of gifts for a 60th birthday party my husband requested family and friends make a donation to HEF’s Earthquake Relief Fund. A jar was placed on a table with reminders of the earthquake….in small donations of $20, $30 and $50 USD…over $1300 USD was raised. Small donations add up to make a difference.  

Small Donations Matter

Kate, a former Australia volunteer, sent this message to HEF along with her daughter’s donation for the Earthquake Relief Fund. It shows that small donations really do matter. “My daughter, Sarah, ran a cupcake stall to raise money for earthquake victims. She raised AU$446 which converts to US$340. We hope this helps a little. Thanks, Kate. PS I volunteered in Nangi about 15 years ago and it was a wonderful experience. I would love to bring my children there someday.” This amount of money is about the average annual income for a family in Nepal. Think about the impact…one cupcake...

Earthquake News – UNK Nepalese Students Raise Funds

Since Tuesday, the University of Nebraska at Kearney Nepalese student organization, NESAK, has manned a table in the student union to collect funds for HEF and distribute information about the Nepal earthquake. They are also hosting a candle light vigil and prayer service on campus Friday May 1, 2015 in the evening and inviting the community.

HEF e-Newsletter: Chairman’s Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Happy New Year! Attached is our latest e-Newsletter. This will provide you an update of all the current accomplishments and status on our project activities.

HEF Board would like to THANK each person receiving this e-Newsletter for supporting us. HEF continues to achieve recognized status as a major support base for many project activities helping the people living in rural communities of Nepal. Your support is very important and makes a major difference in lives of people living in Nepal.

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