Chairman’s Message

Since the time when a few persons in Kearney, Nebraska committed themselves to provide financial support for the teachers at Himanchal High School, it is just amazing how, over a relatively short period of time, that decision has evolved to Himanchal Educational Foundation, with a constantly evolving mission and a nationwide Board of Directors.  The scope of our mission is well reported in this issue of the newsletter. 

 We have also experienced the evolution of a financial support group largely focused in the Kearney area to the current support group that spans USA, Canada, England, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands and probably some others I can’t recall.  Also, the “Nepali Community” all over the US has become a major support group.  It is amazing how many, mostly small, contributions can add up to a significant support group.  The wireless network is a wonderful connection between HEF and the Nepali Community.

 As we begin 2010, we look back at the wonderful support that has passed through HEF.  We also anticipate, with equal wonder, the existing and potential projects that will strengthen the relationship between HEF and Mahabir’s great leadership in Nepal.  HEF is managed by volunteers, permitting us to, literally, direct every dollar to the work in Nepal.

Happy New Year !!!

Leonard Skov

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