Pam, a recent volunteer from the UK, had this to say about her experience:

“I spent a month in Nangi this last summer (2013) and I had a great time. I gave some classes on reflexology to the women from the village with the idea that they could do some foot massage on the Trekkers passing through and staying at the lodge. A total of 6 women were interested and attended 10 classes. There were classes for the 10 young girls, 17 years old that we had at 7 am because they were busy the rest of the day! I was really impressed with how many came each morning. We also did face massage just for fun.

I helped out in Lila’s classroom and enjoyed english work but also some singing with the children. I brought a ukulele with me and it wasn’t long before I was teaching a couple of the teachers to play. We had some great music sessions in the evenings and the memories of those nights will stay with me forever. During my stay Mote, the nursery gardener, took me up to Mohare Danda for one night so I could see the sunrise on the amazing mountains. It was spectacular.

Pam and Moti.

After the month was over I was very sad to leave. The foot massage is up and running i am really pleased to say. It was a good project and I am so pleased that everyone was so enthusiastic about it. I hope to return one day and see everyone there. Thank you for such a great time!”

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