Mahabir was able to reconnect with faculty from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and the Kearney community at large during his attendance at the Fall 2013 UNK World Affairs conference. In meeting with several individuals, it was suggested that the board be expanded locally. In addition to current board members Dr Leonard Skov and Bill Ballou; Susan Bigg, Dr Ron Konecny. Sally Lundell, Sherry Morrow, and Peg and Roger Nyffeler agreed to serve on the HEF board.

The new board met in February and May of 2014. We have updated the HEF mission statement. Also an agreement with a local foundation (Kearney Area Community Foundation) was implemented to handle the financial affairs of HEF. Beginning September 2014 we will cease to use Network For Good and convert solely to PayPal. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause but the change was necessary for accounting purposes.

Donors may have also noticed that mailings are being sent from Mail Express, a local mailing business. These changes were agreed upon to assist Dr Skov in the duties he has single handedly done since the beginning of HEF. HEF is very indebted to him for all his work for more than a decade. We hope to inform you promptly of any additional board activity as needed via the website.

Peg Nyffeler, Secretary

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