Prepared by Chitra Pun, Field Manager for HEF.

I am very happy to get an opportunity to acknowledge about Community Managed Eco Trail and its progress in 2014.

We held a meeting of communities’ in Khibang village on the 25th December 2014 to distribute money that was earned during the last tourism season of 2014. In the fall season, there were more than 200 trekkers who trekked in our area. In the meeting, people participated from Banskharka, Dandakateri, Nangi, Aula, Tikot, and Khibang villages. In these villages, community dining halls with a home stay and community lodges for trekkers are run by the local communities.

The meeting was conducted under the chairmanship of Vice-chairman, Mr. Thakraj Pun, of The Annapurna Dhaulagiri Community Eco-Tourism Development and Promotion Organization.

Name list of members who attended the meeting

  1. Mr. Raman Pun
  2. Mr. Raman Pun
  3. Mr. Tek Khoraja
  4. Miss Pok Maya Purja
  5. Mrs Bina Paija
  6. Miss Milan Garbuja
  7. Mr Yam Garbuja
  8. Mr. Am Bahadur Purja
  9. Mr. Hari Pun
  10. Mr. Gem Pun
  11. Mr Chitra Pun

Villagers from different village

The trekkers were from different countries including but not limited to the USA, Australia, Germany, Israel, France, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, and China. Trekkers experienced making handmade lokta paper; cheese making; Pun Magar’s traditional cultural dance; school and village tours.

Through the local garden programs, we were able to feed the trekkers fresh and organic vegetables produced in the villages.

  ADCETDEPOmeetingYakhotel_2014 (1) IMG_8977 IMG_9484 IMG_9642

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