Ajay Rai, a friend of Mahabir Pun and fellow UNK graduate, formed a non-profit organization called Tee For Nepal Help Foundation from his home in San Antonio, Texas. The goal of the foundation is to generate funds to support education in rural Nepal through the game of golf.
After learning of Dr. Leonard Skov’s persistent efforts to raise funds through Himanchal Education Foundation, Ajay decided to make a difference and organize a golf event in the Nepalese community. On August 8th, 2015 the inaugural golf tournament was held in Omaha, Nebraska. Families joined the golfers to socialize that evening with over 200 in attendance. Mahabir Pun and Dr Ron Konecny, HEF board president, presented awards to the golfers.

With the combined efforts from the Tee For Nepal Help Foundation, the Nebraska Nepalese Society, and the Omaha Nepalese community, over $6000 USD was raised for HEF. Plans are being made for the foundation to hold a yearly event in other locations throughout the USA to support HEF and other educational programs in rural Nepal.

A big thank you to all who volunteered or donated items especially Ajay Rai, Bhim Rai, Gyanendra BC, Ajit Adhikary, Ramesh Adhikari, Deva Raj Kandel, Surendra Achaya, Binaya Regmi, and PJ Basnyat. A special thank you to the Nepalese women who organized a ladies night out to raise funds and to the families who prepared momos and biryani to sell.


Nepal Open in Nebraska


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