Hemkumarie: “Namita is one of the former student, who was really dedicated to for study. She also was born and brought up in a peasant family in this Nangi village. She wants to share her sweet and bitter experiences.

Namita speaks:

My mother works household work as well as farming work. My father is a laborer. He was able to provide me the Bachelor level education with the money from labor work. From my childhood, I was interested in the study and I was intelligent as well .so I kept on holding 1st and 2nd position in each grade. I was difficult for me to buy uniform and stationery  as my financial condition at home were very poor. It was very difficult for my father to fulfill the expense for the education of me, my brother and sister. Since I was an intelligent girl and my financial condition was not good at home, I was provided with small scholarship time and again. That supported my education and inspired me that I should  study well. I studied hard.

I passed the SLC six years ago. I had to go to Beni ( the nearest town from Nangi and a six hours walk) to take the SLC exam. After the exam, my friends went to Beni or Pokhara to get training on the various subject. But I helped my mother in her household or farming work as I could not go to Pokhara due to my poor financial condition at home. When the result was published, I was able to pass the SLC exam in 1st division I felt so happy at that moment. My parents reacted to my success that their investment in my education was properly utilized and they would forget their hardship.

After SLC, I continued my higher study at Himanchal Higher secondary school in my village in Nangi. After completing my grade 12 education, I went to Pokhara for my bachelor level education. I became successful due to the help of my parents and relatives as well as the scholarship provided by a person from my village who lives in Kathmandu. He provided at least 50,000 rupees each year. when I was studying in bachelor 2nd  year. One day I open my Facebook account and saw a photo of my father working in building a suspended bridge, It was tagged by my friend in my village. My father was working by keeping his life in danger. I started weeping remembering that my father was working hard for the education of his children. At that time, I realized my parents as gods.

My parents raise cows, buffaloes, goats etc. at home. So do my relatives. Generally, I have seen the animals giving birth to their kids with four legs. But last month, I surprised very much seeing that the goat of my neighbor,  Lalbahadur gave birth to a kid with 3 legs. It amazed me how it had only three legs.”

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