Hemkumarie: Sangita Pun who was born in Ramche village in a peasant family. She started her education at Deurali Lower Secondary School in Ramche Village. She completed her SLC and graduated 12th education from Himanchal  Higher Secondary School. She tells her experiences that happened in her life.

Sangita speaks:

“I start my school life from Deurali Lower secondary school in Ramche .The bygone days were happy. After completing lower secondary level education, I joined in Himachal higher secondary school and continued my study. I work as treasurer in Junior Redcross  Circle and participated in different programs .I enjoyed the moments very much. I got success in the SLC and grade 12 examinations which made me excited and encouraged me to further my studies. I had to face many difficulties in the course of getting an education as I am from a poor family. As result, it was very difficult for me to continue my study. When I was in grade 9 it was difficult for me to pay for my tuition fee. Then my mother asked me to stop my study.

But I denied it and continued struggling forward. I passed the SLC and grade 12, I had to go to real classes for practice teaching for a month. at the beginning it was really difficult for me to prepare the daily lesson plan . I didn’t have any idea to prepare the lesson plan as first. It was really problematic for me.

After that, the exam of grade 12 was coming rear. I was busy in self-preparation    for the exam. I was at my own home. The time was about 1:00 am 25 April 2015. There was a devastating earthquake. I was alone at home .I started trembling with fear. it was such an event in my life Which I can’t forget forever.”

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