Hemkumarie: Next former student is Pablar. He was also born and brought up in this Nangi village. He is the only son from an educated family. He completed grade 12 education from this village school. He is now in the B.Ed. 3rd year in Pokhara . He wants to start his life story from one point.

Pablar speaks:

“Time is changeable. There are countless bends and turns in the life of man. There are many rises and falls in the life of man. The life is sometimes full of laughter, sometimes full of sorrow.

Sometimes , I realize my childhood was full of fun. Times were passing with the nature which had no hope no purpose. But when I join the school , I was not able to write words. My parents started beating and I started crying loudly. The moments remained inconvenient. I can remember that I was the nature of jealousy. I used to quarrel with my friends. If they became angry, I couldn’t remain still without friends.

From my childhood , I loved to play football. In the leisure of school, I played football with my friends. When someone asked me, ” what is your aim to be in the future ?”, I used to reply that I would be a great footballer . The events are still in my heart and memory but all are only bygone days. I  didn’t  take part in any program as I felt weak myself. I was afraid that I would be insulted. Thus, I can’t still talk to others openly. The time was moving forward. I was studying in grade 8. 

After Dashain vacation (Dashain is the greatest festival of Hindus), students set a program for an educational tour which had to be led by my father who is a science teacher in Nangi school. My mother and I also participated in the tour. The destination was the border of Nepal and China. It was the part of Tibet. The tour was interesting and joyful as I hadn’t been to a long tour before. The geographical scenery on the way was amazing and strange. The scenes really fascinated me. In this way, I share my experiences.”

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