Happy New Year from Nepal!

Dear Supporters:

I would like to update you on of the progress of the projects I did with the Myagdi district community members and supporters.

1. With donations from around the world and HEF; HEF helped rebuild four classrooms in Shree Kanyadevi Lower Secondary School in Pokhari village of Gorkha district that was completely damaged by the earthquake at the cost of about $32,000.

2. Two new classrooms were added to Himanchal High School with funds from the U.S., the Nepal government and contributions from the communities.

3. A new two bedroom solar heated building was added in Nangi with financial and technical support of Engineers Without Borders Group of Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology for about $7,500.

4. Construction has begun on a 50 KW hydropower station near Khopra ridge. It will provide power for cooking, heating, lighting and washing in four community-owned lodges. Our plan is to convert four lodges in the region as “Zero Carbon Emission Lodges”. The total project cost is approximately $175,000. To date we have received a $75,000 grant from Asian Development Bank, $17,500 from Huguenin Rallapalli Foundation California, and $25,000 from other sources. Nepal Tourism Board had committed $40,000.

5. Kathmandu Model Hospital which is managed by the Public Health Concern Trust received a grant to upgrade the clinics in Nangi, Tikot, Paudwar and Aula villages. A model for resilience health care programs in sparsely populated regions like Nangi will be implemented. A surgery room and patient check-in room will be added in the existing Nangi clinic. Two medical doctors will reside in the village permanently to provide health services and move from village to village depending upon the needs. All the clinics will also be connected to each other and to Kathmandu Model Hospital for regular consultation through high-speed Internet. The grant supporting this is available for one year only, then additional funds will be needed.

6. In September, Nepali Communities in the U.S. held the Himanchal Open Golf Tournament in Dallas, Texas to help raise fund for HEF. Thanks to Ajay Rai, Bhim Rai and Madhav Silwal for their efforts which raised $2,900.

7. I have started a nationwide fundraising campaign for the establishment of an innovation center in Nepal. I am seeking help and support from all Nepalese. The goal is to raise $5 million in one year and invest the fund in building a 10 MW hydro power station. The total cost for building this station is $15 million. This 10 MW hydropower station will provide an income of $3.5 million income per year through the sale of power to the government. The income from the hydropower project will be used to run the innovation center.

Thank you very much for your support through Himanchal High School and Nangi village projects. We appreciate it so much.

Mahabir Pun on behalf of the Himanchal Education Foundation

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