Ajay has been fundraising for HEF through a golf tournament over the last few years. He recently visited Nangi and shared this email with the BOD:

“Greetings to you all the way from Nepal. I’m in Kathmandu at the moment and will be flying back to the US in few days. Wanted to share with you the amazing experience I had while visiting Nangi village and the school last week.  It was so wonderful to have received such a warm welcome by the entire school on my arrival there. The day started with an assembly gathering of all the students and teachers in the morning where I was introduced to everyone as HEF rep from the US. The headmaster Mr. Raman Pun talked to the students about the friendship between HEF, the school, and the village. I had the chance to inform everyone about the work HEF does for the school and about myself and my role in how I help. A special meeting was held in the afternoon between myself and all the teachers. We talked about lots of stuff regarding the school, its financials, and the future goals.  We discussed how HEF and the school and the village could form better communications and create better bondings. All the teachers were very grateful for the help they receive from HEF. They were happy to meet me in person and be able to hold this meeting.

I stayed in the community lodge run by the villagers.  I really had a wonderful stay in the lodge. I was amazed to see the harmony between the villagers where they cater to the trekkers who trek through that region and the profit made is donated to the school.  The ladies from the village run some small handicraft businesses whose profit again goes back to the school. It was wonderful to see villagers working so diligently for the improvement of the school and their village.

I felt my trip was very productive and am proud to be representing HEF. Like said earlier, the students, villagers, and the entire school staffs are very appreciative of the support they receive from HEF. I will share with you all the details of our meeting in next HEF board meeting. I encourage other HEF members to visit the school and the village if they can.  You can learn so much and have a wonderful time there.”


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