Toya is a teacher at Himanchal School for Higher Education. He supervises the School Inside English learning classes givien long distance by native English speakers all over the world and connected via Skype to students and adults in Nangi. (The last post was written by one of those teachers and described her experience.)

Toya said:

I think The long distance teaching is very fruitful and useful to students and teachers. Students and teachers are very interested to take lessons. They eagerly await their turn. They really enjoy the lessons. The teachers are really qualified,dynamic ,energetic and friendly. They have been teaching and creating child friendly environment according to students and teachers needs. We really appropriate their great contribution. Presently 20 students and 6 teachers are involved in lessons. Except the internet, which is unreliable, other things are good. Sometime internet is not working good during the lesson, but we are trying make it better. We love and happy to continue this Skype class.”

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