How do you recover from a natural disaster when your government struggled on a daily basis to develop a progressive and equitable framework for raising Nepal out of poverty? An interesting debate has developed on Mahabir Pun’s Facebook page. Read Mahabir’s statement to the Nepal government here. And read the many comments here.

Swedish Company’s Employees Make Earthquake Recovery Donation

House of Radon in Stockholm Sweden donated $4,200 USD to HEF for earthquake relief fund. A company employee came to Nepal one year ago to make a promotional video and visited Nangi. He encouraged his fellow employees to donate to HEF after seeing our work in rural areas of Nepal. HEF would like to thank the following: Tuan, Jesse, Peter, Elsa, Patrick, Jules, Miguel, Katherine, Sarah, Mathew, Mark, Philip, Jonni, Tad. Information about the company can be found here: http://www.houseofradon.com/about-us

Earthquake News – UNK Nepalese Students Raise Funds

Since Tuesday, the University of Nebraska at Kearney Nepalese student organization, NESAK, has manned a table in the student union to collect funds for HEF and distribute information about the Nepal earthquake. They are also hosting a candle light vigil and prayer service on campus Friday May 1, 2015 in the evening and inviting the community. http://www.kearneyhub.com/news/local/nepalese-students-at-unk-lead-fundraising-efforts-for-earthquake-relief/article_a3c17018-9f4a-5c66-bf1a-ad7de4e678da.html

Nepal Earthquake – A Doctor’s Story

This post by Dr. Rolina Dhital, an experienced Nepali doctor who is dedicated to rural Nepal healthcare, underscores the need for all agencies and volunteers to be prepared and have a working plan. This is why HEF is in the early planning stages for what we do best…see Mahabir’s message in previous post. Afterquake experience as a medical professional

Message from Mahabir Pun, Nepal

Dear all supporters, Our organization is raising funds to help the victims of the earth quake in Nepal. Right now there are many individuals and organizations from around the world coming to help the victims. It is good that they are providing immediate support. However, the communities and people need long term support as well.  Our goal is to help rebuild school, libraries, computer labs that are badly or completely damaged. We are also going to provide support to the students, who lost their parents in the affected areas. Please donate online buy clicking the “Donate” button at himanchal.org. Thank...

Nepal Earthquake – Report from Mahabir

Email from Dr. Mahabir Pun to HEF BOD. April 26, 2015 Dear all, Finally, the power and Internet is restored in the area where I am in Kathmandu. I was here just for a few days. I was in my room working in computer when the earthquake struck. Fortunately, the building did not collapsed. I spent two nights in open field with others. Right now the government is working to help people with the help of many individuals and organizations. Everything is okay in Nangi area because it was not as strong in Nangi area as it was in around...

Nepal Earthquake – Donations

HEF will be supporting recovery and rebuilding efforts in Nepal through a Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund. Donations for HEF can be made through our standard financial management organization, the Kearney Area Community Foundation. Link is in the upper right hand corner of the page. We do not know the extent of the damage and specific needs at this time, but we are gathering funds and allocation will be determined after appropriate appraisal of needs. This will be guided by the HEF BOD and the Nepal team lead by Dr. Mahabir Pun over the next several months. True to HEF’s mission...

Nepal Earthquake – Update on HEF Staff

Many have called or emailed members of the BOD to inquire about the Himanchal Education Foundation team in Nepal and we thank you for your heartfelt concern. We are relieved to report Dr. Mahabir Pun, Mr. Chitra Pun, their families and Nangi village suffered no personal losses that we are aware of at this time. According to an email from Chitra, Nangi and Pokhara area were not affected. I will strive to post daily updates on the website. HEF will be participating in fund raising for the victims under the direction of the HEF BOD and Dr. Mahabir Pun. Return tomorrow for information...